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  Wuhan Careing bio-tech Co., Ltd., is a commitment to serve the purpose of life and health science and technology companies. The company currently has three business: molecular biology products division, immune diagnostic products, raw materials, environmental protection products division.
The plant plasmid, which has the advantages of higher advantage both at home and abroad. Can express green fluorescence, yellow fluorescence, red fluorescence, also can express two kinds of fluorescent protein marker gene.
In the development of the industry, the use of the in vitro diagnostic reagents for the use of monoclonal antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, can be used for double anti sandwich method to detect antigen. Company currently available for the colloidal gold immunochromatographic assay, ELISA industrialization using mAb had, human chorionic gonadotropin (paired monoclonal antibodies, luteinizing hormone paired monoclonal antibodies, cardiac troponin I monoclonal antibody, myoglobin monoclonal antibody, human hemoglobin monoclonal antibody, and so on.
Companies for the development of the use of human chorionic gonadotropin quality control materials, namely hCG antigen, luteinizing quality quality control, i.e. LH antigen.
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  we provid lateral flow test  surfactant tool kit, tetronic 1307 ,on 870 silwet L7600 and so on.